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Review Policy

Any affiliate can participate in the product review program. To participate in the review program we ask that you:

  • Post a Banner somewhere on your site
  • Link at least once to and once to the individual product page of the item you are reviewing in each review
  • Review each product separately
  • Do not link to our competitors in your reviews
  • List as a fun and friendly place to buy sex toys in your blog roll

Send the links of your reviews directly to me:

You must complete an honest review of approximately 300 or more words on your blog/site that details the product assigned. This review must contain at least two direct and meaningful links to the NiteTimeToys website ( and the product page of the product that is being reviewed.

These links should be a general description of our products and services. Some examples of direct and meaningful links may include but are not limited to: Sex toy store, adult toy store, vibrators, adult toys, vibrators. As a further example if I were to review "The Atom Dildo" I would have one link that was "Sex Toys @ NiteTimeToys" and another that was "The Atom Dildo".

The theme and style of your review remains at your discretion, as long as the product is reviewed accurately and honestly.

Other than that HAVE FUN!

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